Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Allen County Partnership for Water Quality (ACPWQ) is reminding all residents to properly dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW). Did you know that the average Hoosier household contains between 3 to 10 gallons of hazardous waste? If this waste is not disposed of properly, it can contaminate our rivers, lakes, and streams while also posing a threat to human health. 

To dispose of HHW properly, one must be able to identify it. What is HHW? HHW could be anything from herbicides to batteries. To learn if the item in question is HHW, check the label. Allen County Department of Environmental Management outlines the following labels and descriptions:

After identifying an HHW item, please dispose of it correctly. In
Allen County residents have access to Tox-Away Tuesday through
the Allen County Department of Environmental Management. Tox-
Away Tuesdays is a program held weekly for residents to recycle and dispose of HHW materials from their homes. For times, charges, and directions, please visit

Be sure that HHW does not enter storm drains or get poured onto the ground. These improper disposal techniques can cause negative effects on the environment by entering our waterways. Once in our waters, HHW can harm wildlife and water quality.

Never pour HHW down one’s home drains. This water will go to one’s septic tank or wastewater treatment systems. If it goes into a septic tank, it can harm the microbes inside, creating a system that will not work properly in the future. Should it end up at a wastewater facility, it could put the workers there in danger!

If you are ever in doubt if an item is a household hazardous waste, CHECK! Look on the back, and if you are still unsure, take some time to look up the item online. These small steps may seem trivial and insignificant at the time, but they are incredibly important in protecting our waterways.

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