Water Matters

Water is an essential part of life that we use daily for hygiene, cooking, and hydration; but water is so much more than that! Some of my favorite memories of my childhood take place at the beach or in the creek behind my parents’ house. Unlike many things, we do not outgrow our love for these memories. If anything, age brings new opportunities to explore the aquatic world. Now I get to snorkel around coral reefs, canoe down a fast-moving river, kayak early in the morning on a smooth lake, watch my son get knocked down by waves, and so much more. As I have gotten older, water has only become more central to my favorite memories. Water matters to me and my family. So, as we embark into a new year, we are working to identify new creative ways to protect this resource.

In and around our home you can already find rain barrels, wild plants, grasscycling compost, and water conservation practices at work. We have implemented nearly every water quality tip that I teach about through my job, but we can always do better! So, in 2021 our number one goal is to improve water infiltration around our home. Our home sits on a shaded clay lot making it a bit challenging to grow much of anything, but after some brainstorming, we have decided to try something new this year to see if we can improve the soil health of our back yard to decrease runoff during rain events.

What is your new year’s water resolution? Will you learn more about recycling correctly or take shorter showers? Will you spend time cleaning up rivers or install a rain garden? There are so many ways that we can improve the water health in our rivers, it just takes some time to do a bit of research and a commitment. Are you ready to become a water warrior? How will you protect water in 2021?

By Jacquelyn Buck

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