The Wonders of Wetlands

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Historically speaking, we did not always appreciate wetlands. On the contrary, they were drained to create fertile agricultural lands and make way for roads, towns, and homes. However, in the last 50 years, we have come to understand that they are vitally important to a healthy environment. We now know that wetlands help to prevent flooding and water pollution as they act as a natural sponge-holding onto the water and cleaning it! So how are you going to celebrate World Wetland Day? ACPWQ has come up with a few ideas for you to consider!

Visit a Wetland!

Throughout Northeast Indiana, we have several wetlands that have been restore and preserved. Take some time to get out and see one! Need some ideas? Check out ACPWQ’s brochure on wetlands. It lists several options for you including Eagle Marsh, Arrowhead Marsh, Little River Landing, Pigeon River Fen, and Loblolly Marsh.
Check it out:

Learn about Wetlands!

There are so many resources out there to learn something new about wetlands, like the video created by Texas Parks and Wildlife that helps illustrate the wonderful attributes wetlands have to offer.

Find out ways to get involved:

There are many preserved acres of wetlands and natural spaces throughout Allen County. Take the time to do some research and get involved with one to help protect these spaces for future generations.

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