51st Earth Day

It’s the 51st Earth Day!

Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day on April 22nd, 1970. He strategically chose late April for the first Earth Day due to it being in-between spring break and finals for college students. College students seemed to be the ideal candidates to stand against environmental pollution due to their anti-war movement already getting national attention. ~20 million people from across the country to protest the need for clean air and water after the Cuyahoga River caught fire and the large oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. These grassroots movements and public protesting were like nothing else. It brought together people from all walks of life as well as set the stage for the Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Water, Clean Air, and Endangered Species Act. Since the initial Earth Day, this event has gone global, celebrated across the world on April 22nd, and spilling into earth weeks or earth month events.

Earth Day is a reminder of how far we have come since 1970 and how far we still need to go. Most importantly, it is a reminder that an individual or a small group of people can truly make a difference in our world.

How will you celebrate Earth Day? With a hike? Picnic? Kayaking one of our beautiful waterways in Allen County? Rain or shine, get outside and remind yourself of the beautiful natural world that still needs you to fight for it.

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