Independent Yards

Have you seen water running off a lawn, down the sidewalk, or creating puddles in a yard? Did you know that these are signs of a lawn being overwatering or watered too quickly? Overwatering may mean more than wasted water; it can lead to degraded water quality in local waterways. When water leaves a yard, it takes whatever it collects on the way like herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides into local streams. The average lawn needs only about an inch of water per week, whether that is through rainwater or irrigation. Try a few of these tips to liberate your lawn from wasting water this summer:

  • Let the yard completely dry between scheduled watering times, reducing water loss. 
  • Try watering your grass in the early morning or late evening to reduce the rate of evaporation.
  • Water the lawn slowly and intermittently to promote deep roots, allowing the lawn to be less dependent on human intervention.
  • If water begins to running off the lawn or puddling, turn off the water for a few minutes and give the lawn time to absorb the water before adding more.
  • To help water become more easily absorbed, try adding compost to your lawn and garden.

By homeowners becoming independent from lawn and garden irrigation, water quality in local waterways can improve!

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