Correctly Draining Your Pool

It is pool draining time of year- make sure you are doing so correctly. And yes, there is a right and a wrong way to empty your pool!

Step 1:
Make sure that the chlorine levels are next to zero before removing any of the water from your pool. Chlorine does wonders for your pool by keeping the water clean for your family and friends, but it is harmful to waterways! It will require you to stop adding in chemicals several days to a week before draining your pool to have .05mg/l chlorine left in the water. Important to note, it is illegal to drain water containing chlorine down storm drains or into waterways.

Step 2:
Before draining your pool, contact your local Town Hall. In some cases, they may be able to put you into contact with someone looking for a large quantity of water. In other cases, they may have advice before you begin releasing water. After discussing with local officials on best drainage practices, choose where you want the water to go. Do you have a rain garden, swale, or a large lawn that you want to water? If you release water onto your property, it should never leave your property! Meaning, if you are draining your pool into your lawn, the water should not flow onto your neighbor’s property or out into roadways.

If you choose to release the water on your property, here are some things to think about before starting. If you empty the entirety of your pool at once, will the ground be able to absorb it quickly enough that it does not head to your neighbors? Are there any depressions in your lawn where water will likely stand? Instead of doing it all at once, maybe choose to do it in phases, allowing the ground time to absorb the water!

Doing the right thing for water quality is easy, so take the plunge and drain your pool correctly this season!

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